Photo by: Charlotte Visser


Photo by: Charlotte Visser


Photo by: Charlotte Visser


Photo by: Charlotte Visser

Laten we leiderschap weer menselijk maken.

We stimuleren duidelijkheid en structuur om vrijheid te kunnen voelen.

We transformeren visie en strategie naar geïnspireerde actie.

Ons ecosysteem helpt leiders te verbinden met de wereld om hen heen.


Het transformeren van strategie naar geïnspireerde actie.

Our vision is a world where businesses are led by the heart, not just the bottom line. Our mission is to help business leaders and their teams thrive by leading from the heart, transforming strategy into inspired action.
The Board Whisperers are a network of entrepreneurs. A melting pot of different backgrounds, experience and expertise. Each board whisperer is skilled in guiding founders, executive teams, and boards through a transition.  Transition could be sparked by: - a change of team, a new vision, a desire to become a more responsible & transparent business, a commitment to change culture or just make decisions in a more open and inclusive way. 

We help Founders, executive teams or boards with either their biggest dreams orbiggest challenges:

"We help you get out of the groove of business as usual and make leadership human again. With your team we will look for the ingredients to ignite a joint way forward and create space for magic to happen."
Founders The Board Whisperers
Daphne Laan & Sonja Wekema
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Wij zijn The Board Whisperers.


We are here to disrupt leadership. Let’s make it human again! Simple as that. 

When you're trying to make your organization successful for the long term, a little help can go a long way. Business leaders have a tough and exciting job ahead, facing more challenges than ever. Often, the focus is on creating the strategy instead of creating the right conditions for people to thrive. The latter ends up at the bottom of the action list. However, the success of leadership strategy depends on the people who make it happen!   

We help you get out of the groove of ‘business as usual’ and make leadership human again. With boards and executive teams, we transform vision and strategy into inspired action. We drive clarity to ensure everyone is heard, part of the team and committed to work effectively to create awesome results. Together.  

With our platform, we help leaders connect to best practices, tools, insights AND each other in an easy way!   

We are energised to bring back humanity in organisations. Are you? 


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