Our Why.


We have 3 clear values which we use to guide us in the work we do as The Boardroom Whisperers.

1. Freedom.

How can we reach our potential and make an impact if we are not free to do so? Freedom of thought and in expression are key to our work. Freedom to be ourselves, try, fail and learn are part of it.

2. Creativity.

Creativity is the key to solving the challenges of today. Questioning the status-quo, the old versus the new, the way we do things around here. Finding new and better ways.

3. Connection.

Connection is everything. With our own needs, the needs of those around us and the planet we live on. Connection is core to the work we do. We connect strategy with culture, bring together people and teams to succeed.

What a great culture looks like to us:

Every business has a different culture which is often set by the leaders of a business. That is why having the right people to lead your business is key and why they need to understand what makes a company a great place to work. To get the best out of employees they need to support the mission and company values, feel heard, empowered and free to make decisions, foster new ideas and involved in the growth and development of the company. We help leaders and their teams develop the right culture to support strategy execution.

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